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Part photoshoot. Part podcast.
ALL lgbtq+ self love celebration!

There are infinite ways to be queer


I'm Jenni, the creator of The Queer Soul Experience! The LGBTQ+ community is a wild variety of genders, sexual orientations, fashion styles, and stories. That's the beauty of it - no matter how you fit in the acronym, there are people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities who can empathize with and support you because they've been through the same experiences. The universal thing about the queer community is the hard work and self reflection it takes to break down the walls we use to protect ourselves in order to meet, accept, and love who we truly are. 

Unfortunately, many folx at the beginning of their queer journeys have little exposure to the vastness of our community; they're limited to the often stereotypical and limited examples they see in media. I didn't come out until I was in my twenties because I never saw any femme presenting lesbians or nonbinary people. Once I found representation in the form of people that looked and loved like me, it was as if their loud-and-proud existence gave me permission to start that journey for myself because I finally knew a happy life was a possibility for me. 

Everything wonderful and important about the life I'm living today is connected to seeing my queer identities represented in media in a positive, badass way.



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let me break it down for ya

Imagine how empowering it would be to LGBTQ+ youth to see themselves reflected for the first time ever in someone who is thriving, in a healthy relationship, loving themselves, or living their best lives. Imagine the power of the hope that could be fostered in a generation who wants - and needs - to bring the fullness of their authentic selves to the table to make an impact on each other and the world.The Queer Soul Experience is an offer I created to show the beauty of the infinite ways one can be queer. Nominees (who can be nominated by themselves or someone else) from all corners of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to participate. The goal is a rainbow of intersectional representation!

Nominees will celebrate themselves in a multi-concept self love editorial photoshoot that's designed to honor their personal story, be the guest of honor on an episode of The Queer Soul Spotlight podcast to literally lend their voice to their own story and give advice, and to have their photos, story, and podcast synthesized into a digital publication to create diverse, intersectional LGBTQ+ representation on their own terms.

As more nominees share their stories, I want to take all of this and turn it into a book to impact an even broader audience - including cis/straight people who would greatly benefit from seeing all kinds of queer folx in a celebratory, educational, humanizing light. 





  • All donations go toward covering up to 100% of the experience cost for nominees who won't be able to participate otherwise!

  • You can donate once, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

  • $3000 = full ride for 1 nominee.

  • Donations particularly benefit nominees from historically oppressed groups - QTBIPOC, disabled queer folx, etc. They are also the nominees who would get the most out of the experience and make the most impact with their involvement. 

  • Donations also make sure that all the vendors, queer glam squad artists, etc. are paid fairly for their time and talents.


  • If you or someone you know would love being celebrated in this way, submit a nomination form!

  • Submitting a nomination form entitles you to a free discovery call via Zoom, where we can chat about your interest in The Queer Soul Experience as well as answer any questions you may have.

  • I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I'm willing to travel if necessary!

  • If you're on the fence, submit a nomination form anyway - we can talk about options on your discovery call!

Donate to the Queer Soul Fund

Nominate yourself or someone else

  • Companies and organizations are welcome to hold their own raffle or submission system to choose a nominee from their team to sponsor.

  • Nominees chosen in this way must be paid for in full by the company or organization, not the Queer Soul Fund.

  • Consider raising sponsorship  money via team member/public donations or a raffle!

  • If you'd like to sponsor someone, please reach out via email so I can facilitate the nomination and sponsorship process. 


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