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Where everyone in the LGBTQ+ community can celebrate themselves and grow in confidence in a safe, supportive space!

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Hey - I 'm Jenni!

Look no further, because I'm here: the queer photographer of your dreams! Growing up, I never really saw people like me in mainstream media. I'll be real with you - that's the main reason why I didn't end up coming out of the closet and meeting my fiancée Ali until my senior year of college. With no representation it can be easy to wonder, "is the amazing life I dream of for myself even a possibility?" Believe me, as a nonbinary lesbian marrying a femme lesbian I know how important it is to create the representation I never saw growing up.


I’m here to tell you that you DESERVE that amazing life, and that it's beyond important to celebrate the chapters of your story. Photography is an incredible medium that has the power to freeze the emotions and energy of a moment in time – milestones like coming out, gender affirming surgery, choosing a name for yourself, getting engaged to the love of your life, or the day you say I Do! I'm here to tell your incredible story through emotive, colorful, looks-like-it-felt-to-be-there photos. 


All genders, orientations, ethnicities, sizes, and abilities are welcome here!


Let me tell you a little of my own story. I’m a queer, neurodivergent artist born and raised in San Jose, California. I have an incredible eye for detail, an empathetic heart, and a love for connecting with wonderful people. I’m both a homebody and an adventurer. I've been on a self-love journey for many years as I discovered my true self and it makes my heart so happy when I am able to guide others toward being truly confident and loving themselves unconditionally - especially LGBTQ+ people. To be honest, nothing makes me happier than making people feel like the gorgeous badasses they are. 


I have a wide range of offers to fit every need. From self-love solo and couples sessions, to weddings and elopements, to my groundbreaking new offer The Queer Soul Experience, we can work together to find the package that fits YOU perfectly. 

Your heart, your experiences, and the people you love have molded you into someone utterly singular… and I can’t wait to meet you!

xo Jenni


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"The Queer Soul Experience allowed me to acknowledge and celebrate where I've come from who I am right now and get excited about where I'm going "




Absolutely wonderful experience with Jenni - the epitome of professionalism, care, love, and fun. The Queer Soul Experience allowed me to acknowledge and celebrate where I've come from, who I am right now, and get excited about where I'm going. I ADORED being a collaborator and partner with Jenni, and it was clear to me that she really valued my stories, vision, and comfort level. Not only did the photos turn out SO WELL, the podcast we recorded was such a blast, and was the perfect balance of talking about all that serious stuff, and also just having a fun and silly convo with a pal. I now have a collection of shots to use for networking, auditions, my portfolio, social media, and to share with my family- AND they feel truly representative of me and unique to me. Awesome experience, wonderful person, gorgeous art. Cannot recommend enough- Jenni is a true class act and I'm grateful that she shared her commitment, artistry, and talent with me.

Logan (He/him)


"My partner and I are neurodivergent - Jenni made [our session] an experience that we both enjoyed!"

Jenni was truly amazing.

Our communication was super open and she answered my 1,000,000 questions so I was prepared for anything. We did a very relaxed and casual couples photo session (which turned into a surprise proposal!!!!).

My partner and I are both neurodivergent so having to take photo after photo usually is an unpleasant experience for us, but truly Jenni made it an experience that we both enjoyed.

Our friends and family have raved about our gallery, and I will be singing Jenni's praises for as long as I walk this earth.

Alex (they/them) & Jake (HE/HIM)

"As a fellow queer there was a level of comfort and understanding that was nice to not have to think about!"

It was great having Jenni photograph our wedding. As a fellow queer, there was a level of comfort and understanding that was nice to not have to think about! And she sure knows her way with a camera. We had her dealing with unfavorable lighting (noon sun under leafy trees) and difficult angles (hills) and she gave us some beautiful pictures. She has a good eye and is a quick thinker. She speaks up about what she needs and will do what needs to be done to serve her client. And the editing was done quickly!


If you're looking for photos that authentically represent everything you are with a bit of an unconventional fabulousness...

If you're worried about feeling comfortable in front of the camera, making sure your pronouns are used consistently, and being able to really feel your oats in a self-honoring space...

If you think a middle aged Karen photographer who "has a gay friend - do you know him?" isn't the right fit for you... 

I know we're going to be the perfect team.

Let's celebrate YOU together!