Let's get to know each other...

(omg who is she?)


I wear
many hats

I play several roles: Photographer, Youtuber, Social Media Queen, Fiancée, Performer, and Cat Mom.

I have a BFA in musical theatre, which means I'm funny (I mean, *I* laugh at my own jokes so you probably will too), personable, and I make a killer showtune playlist.

I'm both a Leo and an only child, so I've got a healthy dose of confidence and I'm extremely proud of my work and the entire ~experience~ I provide... from our first email to your gallery delivery and beyond! 

I have a full arsenal of puns and dad jokes ready to go, plus a positive attitude that just won't quit. I hope you're prepared to feel AMAZING, because I'm ready to be your #1 hype girl.

i'm gay as hell

My fiancée Ali and I have been together for four and a half years, and got engaged this summer! We met in college (we both went to universities in Boston), and were only together for three months before I graduated and moved back to California... which meant a year and a half of 3000+ miles of long distance while she finished school. We live in the South Bay Area with our two cats Georgie and Mr. Wobbles. 

My queer identity is a HUGE part of who I am. I didn't see any femme lesbians in the media growing up, so I didn't end up coming out until college. Now we have an incredible worldwide community of queer folx of ALL kinds through our Instagram account.


Give us a follow if you want 24/7 wholesome gay content. Let's be friends!


Photo by Kelly Griffiths Photography


Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you're always the one taking the photos, you're needing a self confidence boost, or maybe you're just wondering what the heck am I supposed to do with my arms???

The photos in your gallery will look great because I know my way around a camera. But you know what else will happen at your session? I will ask you to tell me your love story. Share with me what makes you YOU. I will shut down any less-than-loving thoughts you have about yourself and make you feel like the main characters in the most amazing fairy tale. I'll capture your real emotions and your unique energy, which will make the photos truly beautiful.

It's basically like hanging out with your new best friend (that's me!) and I just so happen to have a camera with me.


Get ready to feel the love!


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