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Part photoshoot. Part podcast.
ALL lgbtq+ self love celebration!

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Your story can make a difference. Part photoshoot, part podcast, ALL self love celebration - this groundbreaking new offer is not only an investment in YOU, but also an opportunity to impact your immediate communities and the world at large. It's like if Queer Eye, Vogue, and the gentle self acceptance of Mr. Rogers had a baby, and the baby is THIS.

Let's celebrate who you are at this point in your life's journey together, collaborating to design a multi-look, multi-location editorial session that looks like your soul represented visually. Think of it like wearing your heart on your sleeve! You'll transform your sense of self as you reflect on how far you've come and how incredible you are. You can use your photos for social media, self marketing + promotion, and more! 

Next, literally lend your voice to the telling of your story when you're the guest of honor on THE QUEER SOUL SPOTLIGHT PODCAST. Let's talk about self care, queer joy, and community building. You'll get to share your experiences on a platform that will make a real impact on baby queers just beginning their journey to know and love themselves. Ready to feel the love? You - just as you are in this moment - are so inspiring!

Finally, the best photos from your shoot, your podcast episode, and a story all about you and your experience will be combined into a publication via this website! Get ready to hit "share", because your story deserves to be told and you deserve to be celebrated on a grand scale!

There are also lots of bonus surprises along the way to turn this into a seriously luxury experience. By pouring love into yourself in this way, the ripples of impact will go beyond you - further than you will ever see.



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